WWE 2K16 Roster Weekly 39-56

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WWE 2K16 roster weekly

We’re back once again for Roster Weekly, where we’ll put names to the promised 120+ unique characters! This week is a little late because we had some press footage of WWE 2K16 and wanted to coordinate it with this article to talk about some interesting new-ring features such as fallible referees and the golden voice of Jim Ross. The WWE themselves promptly blocked it on copyright grounds. We’ll attempt to get this sorted. Keep an eye out on our Youtube Channel.

Alicia Fox  The final member of Team Bella, Fox was the first African American Diva’s Champion. It should be noted for history’s sake that the Diva’s Championship was introduced in 2008. If you’re looking for an earlier example of black women holding belts within the WWE, then Jacqueline Moore won both the defunct Women’s Championship and Cruiserweight Championship.

Bam Bam Bigelow – Well that’s a surprise. This tattooed legend hadn’t been seen outside of community-created content in years until WWE 2K15 where he was available as DLC. Now he’s available right out of the box. I wonder how they get the body scan model for deceased superstars? You don’t think …

The Big Show – At 7 feet tall and 450 pounds, the shadow of Big Show’s boots eclipse nations. This guy is probably half the reason the WWE 2K series weight class detection is so solid, usually preventing unrealistic scenarios like a lightweight performing a Gorilla Press Slam on super heavyweights.

Cameron – Makes her return from being one of the 8 Divas who made it into WWE 2K15. Cameron also marks the 8th Diva announced thus far for WWE 2K16, and we’re still under halfway through the roster announcements. Hell, we’re not done with this one.

Cesaro – Scratch weight detection, that doesn't apply to this Swiss superman. Lately Casaro has been getting the attention he deserves, distinguishing himself amongst the influx of new talent reinvigorating WWE’s previously decadent roster. Who else has the testicular fortitude to keep performing a Giant Swing in the 2015?

Darren Young – One half of the former tag team champions (they lost them last Sunday, sorry guys!). Young and Titus O’Neil are a team called The Prime Time Players.

Diamond Dallas Page – A major WCW star, DDP’s appearances in the WWE have been scattered at best. By 2001-2 when WWE bought out WCW he was basically ready to semi-retire. This is another wrestler who was peddled for DLC last year and is now packaged with the main game. Value!

Dolph Ziggler – Can you believe old Ziggles used to be a member of the Spirit Squad? To be fair, wrestlers have returned from worse gimmicks. Kane used to play an evil dentist.

WWE 2K16 Ziggles

Finlay – Another former WCW star, Finlay has worked backstage as much as the ring. The seldom seen Irishman still works for the WWE and presumably appears if you utter his name while holding a four leaf clover.

Kevin Nash – Also known as Big Daddy Cool Diesel, or Diesel to his friends, which you’re not.

Layla – A British wrestler who has the distinction of winning both the Divas Championship and the Women’s Championship. She was officially the last one before that latter belt was retired.

Lex Lugar – After Hulk Hoga- I mean, after he who must not be named departed from the WWE, Lex was billed as a stars and stripes replacement but it never really worked out. Presumably this is his WCW incarnation.

The Miz – No.

Naomi – Currently a member of the appallingly named "Team B.A.D." with Tamina and Sasha Banks. This may indicate Sasha Banks shall show up too, but she wasn’t in WWE 2K15 and you've probably noticed 2K have a sensible pattern of announcing tag teams together aside from this case and Team Bella. Maybe this logic doesn’t apply to triple teams, or it’s a minor oversight, or Team B.A.D.’s (ugh) formation on the actual show was too late in the development cycle.

Randy Orton – Please don’t start watching RKO Vine compilations till the conclusion of this article. Thank you for your patience.

RKO outta nowhere!

Sheamus – You've already gone haven’t you?

Titus O’Neil – Damn it. For anyone left, Titus O’Neil is the second member of tag team The Prime Time Players, with a body carved by Greek gods.

Tyson Kidd – Sadly Tyson suffered an injury he claims via Tweet only 5% of people survive, and it remains to be seen if he’ll ever wrestle again. He’s the final graduate of that famous training basement the Hart Family Dungeon.

WWE 2K16 Tyson and Cesaro

If you’re not occupied by RKO vines or reeling from the emotional whiplash of that ending, tell us what you think of the roster so far.

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