WWE 2K16 Creation Suite Detailed

Published: October 14, 2015 8:54 PM /


wwe 2k16 creation-suite

A new trailer has been released in anticipation of WWE 2K16's release, this time detailing the creation modes that will be available in this year's iteration. There are several returning modes that I'm sure fans of the squared circle will be happy to see return, such as the ability to craft your own title belts, arenas, and entrances for your created superstars. The trailer shows off menus with many more options than were available in last year's entry. This is helped by the game having the biggest roster in franchise history, meaning that there are many more animations, hair, and clothing options baked in by default.


You can now create Divas once more in this year's game, and the diva in the trailer was skipping around the ring not unlike a certain Mrs. Phil Brooks, which indicates that the animations from 2K15 are carrying over to this year's game even if the entire roster hasn't for one reason or another. Also new to this years game is the Create-A-Show mode, which allows you to bring together your created arenas with decorated stages and match graphics to really make your WWE Universe mode unique.

Quick Take

I didn't spend a lot of time with 2K15 despite being a fan of the series, and part of that is due to the stripping out of a lot of the creation tools that made the games last long past each year's spin on Showcase mode. It seems like we're slowly getting back to the glory days of 2K14, although I'm afraid that the insane but amazing Create-A-Story mode will never return and VGCW will be stuck on old hardware forever. In any case, as long as I can load up on launch day and download a reasonable CM Punk facsimile, then I'll be happy with this year's suite.

Are you excited for WWE 2K16's release in less than two weeks? How many hours will you spend slaving away at making your Kurt Angle the standout of community creations? Will matches in the game's NXT arena be more fun for some reason? Answer these questions and more in the comments below!

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