WWE 2K16 Comes to PC

Published: March 2, 2016 2:46 PM /


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Oh thank god, I thought I scared them off.

After the release of WWE 2K15 for PC, some wrestling fans may have feared the WWE was taking another thirteen year hiatus from the platform after questions about a possible WWE 2K16 release were met with silence. Luckily there was enough evidence to suggest those fears were unwarranted, including a premature PC checkbox on 2K’s own website back when WWE 2K16’s multi-platform launch was first announced. Now, many months after the game’s October 2015 release on consoles, WWE 2K16 has officially been announced for Windows PC on March 11th 2016.

WWE 2K16 Mr Perfect

PC users enjoy the same perks as last time, with all the WWE 2K16 downloadable content bundled in the base game at no extra cost alongside the preorder exclusive of Arnold Schwarzenegger as The Terminator. The DLC includes the Legends Pack and Future Stars Pack which adds 11 more wrestlers to what is already the largest roster in WWE games history, the New Moves pack, and the Hall of Fame showcase featuring 7 classic matches from WWE’s past. Even the small stuff like the Accelerator and MySpace Kickstart are present, allowing players to unlock all content instantly or boost a created Superstar’s stats if they so desire.

All the modes from the previous game return in WWE 2K16. The 2K Showcase mode spans ‘Stone Cold’ Steven Austin’s career, reuniting commentators Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler to bring their unique brand of chemistry synonymous with the attitude era, which so helped evangelize the rebellious foul-mouthed Texas redneck. The WWE Universe mode has been enhanced with more varied storylines and a personality system to push wrestlers to act according to their character. The career mode promises to provide continuity and meaningful choices to flesh out your created superstar. Lastly, the Creation Suite puts more emphasis on customization with creatable entrances, arenas, and belts.

WWE 2K16 Stone Cold

Quick Take:

I'm getting it, no question. King Richard shall rule the squared circle once again. You might think my reaction odd considering I gave WWE 2K15 a flat 5/10, but the number of licensed wrestling games for PC can be counted on one hand! I'm willing to give them another shot. The modes may have been lacking, but the revamped gameplay was a solid foundation to build on, and I'm hoping we can look forward to a more content-rich WWE 2K16 that imposes less restrictions and offers more freedoms.


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