Foxhole 1.0 Goes To War After 5 Years Of Early Access

Published: September 7, 2022 3:30 PM /


The Foxhole Inferno update logo for its 1.0 release

Foxhole 1.0 is finally coming out after five years of Early Access development. The WW2 MMO that can host over three thousand soldiers at any time will be fully releasing on Steam on September 28 for $29.99. It will be accompanied by its Inferno (1.0) update that will add trains, new weapons, buildable transportation systems, infrastructure, and industrial facilities that will redefine its logistics. Let's check it all out, shall we?

What does the Foxhole 1.0 update add to the game?

I'm a train enthusiast, so for me, more trains added into games is a good thing. With that in mind, Foxhole 1.0's train system looks pretty cool. You'll be able to "build and design large scale rail networks, allowing key equipment, from tanks to supplies, to be transported quickly over long distances". Given that Foxhole is a war game that tries to emulate everything from the very back to the front of the battle lines, this will definitely help facilitate that emulation. Trains can also be customized with a variety of car types that include locomotives, long ranged artillery, freights, infantry transport, and armored combat cars.

Foxhole 1.0 screenshot showing off three vehicles, a battle-torn town, and an anti-tank gun.
You'll be able to ship these vehicles to the frontlines via train in Foxhole 1.0.

While the management of supply lines is integral to winning any war, players will also be expected to build what's needed. Industrial facilities will help the mass production of supplies, weapons, and armor, and will require management of power grids, oil pipelines, and mining. Docks, cranes, concrete foundations, and minecarts will also be used to help players build and maintain the war effort.

New weapons that can be built and then deployed include infantry flamethrowers, flame tanks, and incendiary rockets, which sounds fun to use but terrifying to come up against. Armored forces will also receive rocket artillery and advanced tank variants, which means the fan favorite Battle Tank class is returning to the fray.

If you'd like to join the Foxhole 1.0 community, be sure to check out its official YouTube channel, its Discord, and its Steam page. For more information on Foxhole and other interesting MMO's, stay tuned to TechRaptor.


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