Wrath: Aeon of Ruin is 3D Realms' New Quake-Engine Shooter

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3D Realms might be busy working on Ion Maiden, but that hasn't stopped them from diving into a new project, this time running on the legendary Quake engine.

Today, 3D Realms announced Wrath: Aeon of Ruin, which they dub a spiritual successor to Quake. After teasing this upcoming reveal yesterday, eager FPS fans now have a pretty comprehensive look at this new title. Quake fans will be immediately drawn in by the graphics and gameplay, but this isn't just a rehash of that FPS classic.


This is the plot, according to the press release:

The Old World has passed away. Amidst the ruins lurks an ageless fear. Outlander, once adrift upon the Ageless Sea, finds himself on the shores of a dying world. From the consuming gloom emerges a figure cloaked in white, the Shepherd of Wayward Souls, who burdens Outlander with hunting down the remaining Guardians of the Old World.
There will be various mystifying environments such as ominous temples and underground crypts. Players will have an arsenal of nine weapons and ten artifacts, but we aren't sure yet what these artifacts will do. Two of these weapons include the Retcher and Fangspitter. These "transform the cysts and teeth ripped from the corpses of enemies into death-dealing projectiles."

In true retro-FPS fashion, there's also 3 hub worlds with 15 levels total. And of course, hidden rooms are scattered throughout the levels. When you're done with the singleplayer you can also jump into local and online multiplayer.

Andrew Hushult is back for the soundtrack too, the composer known for creating the jams of prior 3D Realms titles and New Blood Interactive's Dusk and Amid Evil.

Wrath: Aeon of Ruin is slated for a Summer 2019 release on PC, Mac, Linux, and the Nintendo Switch. 2020 releases for the PS4 and Xbox One will follow suit.

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