WOW 15th Anniversary Event Heralds the Return of Leeroy Jenkins

WoW 15th Anniversary Leeroy Jenkins

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WOW 15th Anniversary Event Heralds the Return of Leeroy Jenkins

November 6, 2019

By: Robert N. Adams

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The WoW 15th Anniversary event is underway and it's featuring the return of many fan favorites. Among them is Leeroy Jenkins, the legendary World of Warcraft meme — and of course, he has his chicken.

If you've been hiding under a rock for the past 15 years, and are not World of Warcraft nerd, you might be unfamiliar with Leeroy Jenkins. The history is best summed up by the original video that made him famous:

In short, Leeroy Jenkins represents everything one might hate in a raid group: the guy who recklessly charges into a battle, risking the success of a challenge that might have taken days or even weeks of preparation. The video got so popular that it was effectively immortalized in Blizzard's fan lore, popping up in World of Warcraft and even getting his own Hearthstone card.

Now, Leeroy Jenkins has made his return for the WoW 15th Anniversary event as reported by WoWHead. This year's event is taking place within the Caverns of Time, so that's where you'll have to go. You can find him manning a store and selling Leeroy's Spicy Fried Chicken. He's not the only legendary character to be making a return, though!


WoW 15th Anniversary event Elite Tauren Chieftain

Other Fun Appearances for the WoW 15th Anniversary Event

Also making an appearance in the Caverns of Time is Elite Tauren Chieftans, the fictional band that's comprised of actual Blizzard Entertainment employees. You'll be able to find them rocking out on stage, just like you'd expect.

A "Fun Effects Vendor" named Waiter also sells three items of note:

  • Sugary Soul Shard
  • Ookerdooker Elixir
  • Spellstone Delight

The Sugary Soul Shard gives you the "Ethereal Candy" buff, transforming you into an ethereal state, turning the sky purple, and making the world darker. The Ookerdooker Elixer gives you a buff of the same name, making you appear as an undead monkey. Finally, the Spellstone Delight gives you a buff which increases your movement speed for 30 seconds. Notably, this buff doesn't share a cooldown with similar effects, meaning that you could run much faster for long distances as long as your supplies held out.

There are plenty more fun things to see in the WoW 15th Anniversary event, so be sure to check it out before it's gone!

What do you think of Leeroy Jenkins and Elite Tauren Chieftans popping up in the caverns of time? Do you like the presentation of the WoW 15th Anniversary event? Let us know in the comments below!


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