World War 3 Warzone Giga Patch Adds New Maps, New Weapons And More

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World War 3 Warzone Giga Patch Adds New Maps, New Weapons And More

May 17, 2019

By: Joseph Allen

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The Farm 51
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October 13, 2018 (Calendar)
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World War 3 has received its largest update since its Early Access launch. The Warzone Giga Patch adds a number of new features, new weapons, and new maps to the game.

First up, patch 0.6 adds two new Outdoor Warzone maps to World War 3. Players can now do battle in the forest of Smolensk or the cold climate of Polyarny. Two new weapons are now available: the M4 MWS rifle and the British bullpup SA80 assault rifle. Three new vehicles have been added in the form of a combat heli drone, the Ajax British armored fighting vehicle, and the Typhoon BCV (battle command vehicle). There's also a new British Armed Forces uniform and several new Winter-themed cosmetic camouflages.

In addition to new content, developer Farm 51 has added a number of new features to World War 3. The game now sports an overhauled spotting system for improved communication. There's voice chat now, making comms much easier between squad members. Mobile spawn points have been added, allowing players to spawn at different points on each map. For players without voice chat, the Team Radio system has been improved, allowing players to communicate better without speaking. In addition to these features, there are a frankly ridiculous amount of bugfixes and balance improvements. You can read the full World War 3 Patch 0.6 notes here.

World War 3 is a multiplayer military FPS set during a fictional modern global conflict. The game revolves around strong teamplay, versatile customization, and realistic gameplay. Developer Farm 51 works closely with multiple military R&D centers and consultants for authenticity. If you'd like more info, you can check out the game's official websiteWorld War 3 is currently available via Early Access on Steam, having been released last October. To celebrate Patch 0.6, you can currently grab World War 3 at a 40% discount.


Will you be diving into World War 3 after this new patch? Let us know in the comments below!

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