World War 3 Now Has a Team Death Match Mode and New Roadmap

Published: November 22, 2018 5:00 PM /


world war 3

Today, The Farm 51 announced the first major update for World War 3. This update includes a Team Deathmatch mode, an Early Access roadmap, and a 10% off sale to celebrate Black Friday.

World War 3's Team Deathmatch is a 10 versus 10 mode, which will see teams compete in "fast-paced" combat on its Warsaw shopping map, with both day and night scenarios added.

The update also includes general fixes and improvements to the gameplay experience. This includes work that has (and will continue to be) done on server stabilization, balancing the gameplay, and other issues that players have experienced. More thoroughly, players will be able to experience better overall performance, a new spawn system in TDM, a load time reduction, new master servers, a new authentication system, and a new progression system.

Players will also have new content to play around with. This includes a new German vehicle, the IFV Boxer, the Polish MSBS BP assault rifle, a Russian Guerilla uniform, additional customization items, and a new language--Polish, with more coming "soon."

If you are interested in viewing the roadmap, click here.

Quick Take:

After the continuing disappointment that is the Battlefield series, it is good to see that there is some sort of new (and relevant) competition in the large-scale FPS space. I haven't played this title (and I probably never will), but I hope that fans of the genre will be able to enjoy it or at least enjoy the fact that EA will have to do something other than abuse its fanbase and count its pile of cash in order to win people over. Will it matter in the end? Probably not, since EA has easily a thousand times the budget of World War 3, but rooting for the underdog is always fun.

What do you think of World War 3? Have you played it? What do you think of its name? Let us know in the comments!

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