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Published: September 7, 2016 9:45 AM /


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Game developers sometimes like to throw little secrets into their games for players to discover, granted they know how to discover it in the first place. These secrets range from easter eggs referencing other games or earlier games in the franchise to hidden content for the players to beat. Some World of Warcraft players uncovered such a secret yesterday, and it's a doozy!

It all started years ago when players found references to the Long-Forgotten Hippogriph mount hidden within the game files. While it's been in the files for years, it's only been unlocked with the release of the game's latest expansion Legion. A couple of players set out to find the mysterious mount, but what they found was not what they expected: an actual world boss. 

This hidden world boss is called Kosumoth and was discovered by Redditor drfievel and his friends and started with finding a particularly well-hidden cave on the Broken Isles. 

It was discovered that there are extremely hidden caves throughout Broken Shores with dark orbs in them. To give you an idea of how hidden these caves were one is in a broken ship in the middle of the ocean south of Eye of Azshara, through a crack, and then hidden behind kelp, basically three layers of secret you have to find. Another is a hidden cave that has another hidden cave near the entrance that actually has the orb.

The group discovered that one of those same kinds of orbs could be found right next to Drak'thul, an Orc hermit who helped Legion's secondary antagonist Gul'Dan raise the Tomb of Sargeras during the Second War. A commenter on the NPC's wowhead page noted that it was possible to trigger an easter egg by presenting the NPC with a relic found in a nearby cave. Upon presenting Drak'thul with the relic the player was able to interact with the orbs, which now had the name 'Hungering Orb' assigned to it. 

Luckily next to Drak'thul is a table and on that table is a mix of pebbles and an orb which helped find them all. It was discovered this is actually a makeshift map of the Broken Isles and that the pebbles mark the different places where the orbs are found (with Drak'thul's orb as Suramar and Broken Shores as a fel candle). Here's a pic of the world map with these clues superimposed.

The group then found out that the orbs had to be clicked on in a very specific order. Once the group activated the last orb the hidden boss, Kusomoth the Hungering, was spawned and its loot ripe for the taking. The boss has to be taken down by groups of players of at least 5, and the boss scales its health pool if he's attacked by groups of more than 5 players and drops 2 items: the Fathom Dweller mount (which can only be used in water) and the Hungering Claw pet, both of which can't be acquired through any other means. 

Kosumoth The Hungerer

If you want to kill the boss yourself you will have to get a few friends together and travel to the Eye of Azshara (the place in the world, not the dungeon). You don't need to do the orb puzzle to spawn the boss!

Quick Take

I don't know what I find more impressive; the fact that Blizzard managed to hide this secret so well, or the fact that a few players actually figured this stuff out. Makes you wonder how many other secrets Blizzard hid right under our noses over the years. 

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