The World Ends With You: Final Remix Comes Westward in October

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the world ends with you final remix

Nintendo announced that The World Ends With You: Final Remix, the Switch port of the original DS version, will release on October 12th this year. The Switch version will come with improved visuals, modified gameplay to support the single screen of the Switch, and new content. Final Remix will also come with a co-op mode with both players using Joy-cons. There is no mention if any of the online features for the Tin Pin Slammer minigame will be available on Switch. Regardless, you can adventure into Shibuya with The World Ends With You: Final Remix on October 12th.

Though seeming like little more than "urban Final Fantasy,The World Ends With You is much more than it appears. Set within modern-day Shibuya, strangers are drawn together in the "Reaper's Game," a game where failing your assigned challenge means death. Perpetual loner Neku is one such participant, and he finds himself drawn into not only a maze of deception but also the lives of fellow participants well. With an indelible style that blends fashion, modern J-rock and a seriously original battle system, The World Ends With You was lauded on its release ten years ago, and its popularity has only grown since then.

The original DS version makes use of both the touch screen and the top screen at the same time in battles. You control Neku on the bottom screen and activate his abilities by tapping, slashing, blowing into the microphone, or other actions. His partner was on the other screen and controlled by using the directional pad. You would have to match cards, string together button combos and more to activate your partner's abilities. It made combat fast and frenetic, and extremely satisfying. Both the Solo Remix for mobile devices and now the Final Remix will obviously make use of just one screen, so the system has been adapted. Now, attacking together with your partner provides a damage boost, with more damage dealt depending on how in "sync" you are.

The trailer also teases some of the new content we might see in Final Remix. A new, headphones-wearing girl appears at the end of the trailer, and her existence was apparently teased at the end of Solo Remix. Fans have been asking for a true sequel since the release of The World Ends With You, and even with the critical acclaim and commercial success of the game, Square Enix has remained silent. Still, for anyone looking for a fantastic romp through modern-day Japan, you can pick up The World Ends With You: Final Remix on October 12th.

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