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Published: June 14, 2020 1:20 PM



During the Guerrilla Collective Day 2 event, Raw Fury showed off a teaser trailer for their new game Wolfstride.

Starting with a narrator telling audiences to get ready for their "midnight stress session", the trailer then shows some wild cartoon fighting, including mechs and car-tossing. There are plenty of strange humanoid characters as well - and lots of weapons.


Indeed, Wolfstride features the Ultimate Mech Tournament. In other words, you've got giant mech battles. That's quite a midnight stress reliever.

The combat will be turn-based and tactical. You've got Movement Points and Action Points. You also need to manage your mech: repairing it, upgrading it, and learning new skills, as needed. 


It's all set in Rain City. This is a world between worlds: simple times are being left behind while a large metropolis develops. It's a metropolis built of metal and mechs, and a place where your player-character must discover a living.

In this rainy city caught on the precipice of time, your character is a former Yakuza just trying to make ends meet - by building mechs. You'll be able to build relationships with all the citizens and can complete odd jobs for them. You will need the money from them to help you maintain your mech and add new abilities.


While details for all the odd jobs have not been revealed, one has been confirmed: cat washing. So you can expect that and mech battles for certain when Wolfstride launches.

All the visuals are in black-and-white, giving it a neat flair. The actual gameplay seems to be pixelated, with cutscenes being animated. 

Check out all the wild mech-battling action yourself in the trailer below:



Interested in playing a tactical mech combat game? Think that the black-and-white visuals give it a unique flair? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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