Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Sales Top 1 Million, Player Count Soars

Published: April 28, 2023 3:35 AM /


The player clashing with a Yellow Turban bandit in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo have announced that Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has crossed the million sales mark. The Soulslike, which is set in ancient China, has also managed to reach a pretty impressive number of players, likely through its inclusion on Game Pass from day one.

This major milestone was announced via the official Wo Long Twitter account, where Team Ninja revealed that the game has sold a million copies and reached a player count of 3.8 million. The studio goes on to say that it's still hard at work on future updates for Wo Long, as well as three DLC packs that are set to be released for the game in the future.


These are pretty solid numbers for a game that had a somewhat rocky start, at least on PC. When Wo Long launched in March, PC players complained of poor camera control and other PC-specific problems. Team Ninja quickly released an update intended to address those issues, followed by another a week or so later, and it looks like those updates have managed to stave off disaster for Wo Long's PC port.

Panda demons being cute in an image showing Wo Long's sales numbers
If you bought Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you're far from alone.

If you've missed out on the Wo Long hype, it's a Soulslike from the folks that brought you Nioh and Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. The game is set during the fall of the Han Dynasty in ancient China and takes the historical Yellow Turban Rebellion as its backdrop, although I'm pretty sure the game takes some liberties with the facts from there (unless Sun Jian really did turn into a giant demonic tiger, that is).

You can pick up Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty right now on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. It can be a pretty tough game and there are lots of hidden items to find, so make sure to have a look at our Wo Long guides so you don't miss anything on your quest to restore order to ancient China.


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