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the witch thief for switch release date

Four witches. One enchanted grimoire. A castle defended by a guardian angel, a chuckling bishop, a horde of possessed dolls--and more besides--lies between them. Are considerable magical talents, snark and sass, and an on-point fashion sense enough to help the coven overcome the perils that lie ahead? By next week, the answer to that will be up to you, because Cardboard Keep has just announced the release of their new game, Witch Thief, for the Nintendo Switch.

Witch Thief is a story-driven 3D bullet hell shooter. The player controls the--you guessed it--Witch Thief herself, guiding her through five dangerous zones rife with ambushes, arena-based combat, and arcane bosses. The rest of the witches in the coven will be unlockable, sporting their own unique abilities, dialogue, and backstories tied to that of the sneaky sorceress at the center of the game. The witches all desire control of the magical tome, each for her own reason. It remains to be seen who will claim it, in the end.

Gameplay comes with a lot of options. The difficulty is flexible, with the highest levels offering even veterans of the bullet hell genre a considerable challenge. On the other end of the spectrum, there’s “Chill Mode,” for people who want a more relaxed experience. This is great news for people with disabilities, who might benefit from a more accessible mode (it’s also good news for those of us that check our clocks to see if it’s 4:20). Camera angles are also customizable, with players being able to swap between a classic 2D bullet hell perspective and a 3D over-the-shoulder view. It’s also worth noting that this can be done on the fly! Finally, there’s an Endless Dungeon Mode for people who just can’t let go.

Witch Thief comes out for the Switch on April 19th and is available right now on Steam. If you want to learn more about this game you can also check out their official website.

Have you already played Witch Thief on PC? Would you recommend it? Are you excited for it's Switch release?

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