[The Wire] Sid Meier's Civilization VI Digital Deluxe Edition Getting More Content

Published: May 5, 2017 4:05 PM



If you bought the Digital Deluxe edition of Sid Meier's Civilization VI, you may be glad to know that Firaxis has decided to add retroactively add some more value to your purchase. This news was announced by Firaxis on the official Civilization website.

It’s important to us that wherever Civilization fans live around the world, that the Digital Deluxe edition provides a great value. We saw that prices with certain currencies didn’t live up to the savings we’re looking to deliver, and so we are excited to offer this new content at no additional charge to those who purchase, or already own, the Civilization VI Digital Deluxe edition.
This is a nice gesture, if somewhat surprising. Owners of the Digital Deluxe edition can look forward to playing with three new leaders representing civilizations from Africa and Southeast Asia. In addition to this, Digital Deluxe edition owners will be getting two new civilization and scenario packs that expand the game's pool of civs even more.

This new content will automatically become available once the content gets added to the game.


Sid Meier's Civilization VI's Digital Deluxe edition includes the base game, the full 25th Anniversary Digital Soundtrack, and four separate pieces of post-release DLC that add new maps and scenarios to the game in addition to some of the leaders and civilizations coming in later DLC.

Civilization VI is available at 20% off on Greenman Gaming currently if you are looking to pick it up (affiliate link).


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