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Deep Silver
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August 15, 2017
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Bombs in all the Right Places

Agents of Mayhem, an upcoming open-world action game from Deep Silver Volition, has released a "Bombshells" Trailer going over three of the game's characters. Additionally, a press release was released alongside the video providing a little extra information.

The first of the three characters is Joule, a fashionable gal that has an affinity for deploying turrets and engineering weapons of destruction. She's followed by Rama, the world's foremost immunologist and a crack shot with a bow. Rama's Deadshot ability allows her to become more precise with her weapon as she charges her bow, and her bow is well-suited to dealing with shielded characters. The last of the three featured characters is the rugby player Redcard; he is shown pummeling enemies with brutal close-quarters combat. In addition a short bit of backstory and cinematic gameplay from the characters, we get to see the game's teleportation system in action; players will be able to change between characters on the fly during the game.

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