Winter Wonderland Returns To Overwatch Tomorrow

Published: December 11, 2017 1:51 PM /


Overwatch Mei Mei-rry Winter Wonderland

Brace yourselves for a cold front: Winter Wonderland returns to Overwatch on December 12, 2017, according to a developer update released by Blizzard Entertainment.

Overwatch is well-known by now for its seasonal events, and now that Winter Wonderland returns to Overwatch we'll have a few festive changes made to the game for the season. Game Director Jeff Kaplan laid out the plans for the second go-around for the event. He opened the video by talking about upcoming skins. A "long-awaited" Hanzo skin will be on its way along with skins for "two of our favorite Junkers" (likely meaning Junkrat and Roadhog). Of course, Mr. Kaplan was careful to state that there will be more skins beyond those he hinted at. Have a gander at the video for the full chat:

Maps will be getting a bit of a change-up for the holidays as Winter Wonderland returns to Overwatch. The holiday version of King's Row and Hanamura will be returning, and Mei's Global Snowball Offensive will be moving to the Black Forest which has received a degree of tinkering to make it a little more festive.

Although Mei's snowball brawl will be returning, a new Arcade Brawl will be added to the game for the duration of the event. Five Meis will fight against a single beefy Winston in Mei's Yeti Hunt. The total number of six players was deliberately chosen in order to allow a group of six players to queue up and rotate through the yeti role. The new game mode takes place in Nepal Village. The Meis try to pin down the Winston before he can find enough meat to go into Primal Rage and turn the tables on his pursuers.

The video hinted at a handful of skins and introduced a new Arcade Brawl. Aside from that, we don't know what else will be coming our way tomorrow. Considering that some game changes have been recently tested on the PTR, it's possible that we'll see some of those pushed through tomorrow with the patch that activates the event. If you don't already own Overwatch you can buy it directly from Blizzard for $39.99 or your regional equivalent, but you might want to wait and see if a holiday sale crops up before you decide to make a purchase. And remember, don't get those Arcade loot boxes until the event begins!

What do you think of the new Arcade Brawl that will launch when Winter Wonderland returns to Overwatch? Which heroes do you hope to see get a skin during the event? Let us know in the comments below!


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