Wild Hearts Update Adds Terrifying New Kemono, Squashes Lots Of Bugs

Published: March 10, 2023 9:04 AM /


The new Hellfire Laharback Kemono in Wild Hearts

A new Wild Hearts update has been released that adds a brand new Kemono to tackle, as well as a new skill for your trouble. The new monster is the Hellfire Laharback, a variant Kemono that's sure to challenge your hunter skills, but the update isn't stopping there; it's also got a metric ton of bug fixes and tweaks to offer.

The full Wild Hearts patch notes are a pretty daunting read, but it's worth taking a look through them to see if any bugs giving you problems have been squashed. The major new additions to the game today are the Hellfire Laharback Kemono, which is a variation on the main game's Lavaback, and a new skill that gives you more customization options.

To take on the new Kemono, which can be found as part of a quest called Deeply Volatile Kemono, you'll have to have completed Wild Hearts' main story. After doing so, you can speak to Yoshichi in order to receive the new quest. It'll be under a new section marked Side Stories, which is also where you'll find additional content update quests, so keep an eye on this section in future too.

The player battling the Hellfire Laharback in Wild Hearts
The new Hellfire Laharback will test your skills in Wild Hearts.

Defeating the new Hellfire Laharback will net you the title of Fire Fiend Appeaser, but there's more up for grabs than that. The Kemono also has a chance of dropping a talisman with the new Infernal Blow skill, which increases your chances of setting prey ablaze and also boosts your attack power against targets you've set ablaze.

A whole lot of bug fixes and gameplay tweaks have also been implemented in today's Wild Hearts update. You can now see all the skills you have equipped while you're creating armor and weapons, and an issue stopping players from receiving rewards after fighting certain Kemono has been fixed. It's impossible to list the game's myriad bug fixes here, so make sure to head over to Steam to check out the full Wild Hearts patch notes.

Wild Hearts is available to buy right now on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. EA says it's "dedicated" to Wild Hearts, so you can look forward to another new content update later this month, as well as more Kemono to battle in April. In the meantime, make sure to take a look at our Wild Hearts guides to give you the upper hand against these fearsome beasts.

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