A whole lot of Battleborn Statistics from 2K and Gearbox

Published: September 28, 2015 4:38 PM /



Today Gearbox Software has published a large infographic detailing just how much there is to their game and how playing Battleborn might have you never play the same style of game ever. Battleborn is a free to play 'hero shooter' MOBA style game that is set to release early next year. 

The stats included in the infographic are pertaining simply to the amount of playable characters and how each of them can be played and do not contain any other info about the game. You can also click the image for the full view.

[caption id="attachment_56860" align="aligncenter" width="81"]Battleborn Stats That's a lot of different ways a game can play out...[/caption]

For people who aren't just impressed with the pure numbers, Gearbox listed a couple comparisons that potential players could take advantage of.. Every single person on earth could jump into a 5v5 game of Battleborn and have completely different teams and experiences, 25 playable characters is more than 6 times all of the playable characters from the Borderlands franchise (at one time). To see every permutation of a single character and games lasted about 30 minutes it would take you 162 days of playing straight. They also chuck in the bonus fact that 111111111 x 111111111 = 12345678987654321 which is pretty cool in it's own regard.

If reading a long infographic isn't your thing and you'd rather absorb all the same information in video format then you can watch this instead, there is also a Spanish and Portuguese version for non-english speakers


Quick Take

Battleborn seems like a really interesting game from the art style to the interesting 'genre-fused' take on FPS MOBA style games. The kinds of numbers that are shown off are really impressive, but just playable numbers does not a good game make. MOBA style games are really made on the mechanics and the balance between all of those characters, the more characters you have the more balance is needed so we might still have to wait a bit, until at least the technical test to see whether people will really want to pick up this game.

What do you think of these impressive numbers? Are you excited to try out Battleborn at some point? Is there something you'd love to see in a game like this?


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