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Where The Heart Is Launches For PS4 This Winter

July 1, 2020

By: Joseph Allen


Armature Studio is bringing its new surreal adventure game Where The Heart Is exclusively to PlayStation 4. The game will launch for Sony's console this winter and is the brainchild of former Metroid Prime lead artist Todd Keller.

In Where The Heart Is, you control Whit Anderson, a mild-mannered family man who finds himself falling down a mysterious sinkhole on his farm. As he falls, Whit is faced with various vignettes from his past, and you'll get to make choices to alter the course of his life. Where The Heart Is aims to make you think about how Whit could be a better father, a better partner, or a better brother, among other things. You can check out a trailer for Where The Heart Is right here:


Where The Heart Is purports to focus more on its narrative and surreal, dreamlike atmosphere than overly challenging gameplay. Todd Keller says his game "makes the dream lucid" and invites players to understand the protagonist through his lived experience. You'll see many pivotal moments throughout Whit's life and get to make choices based on how you think he should act. Depending on your choices, you'll get one of "dozens" of potential endings to the game. Whit's family will figure heavily in Where The Heart Is, including his partner Rene and his eccentric brother Sege.

You'll be able to play Where The Heart Is on PlayStation 4 this winter. We don't have a more specific release window for the game just yet. To keep up with the Andersons' journey, you can follow the game's developer Armature Studio on Twitter or check out its official website.


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