The Wheel of Time Finally Launches on GOG

Published: April 6, 2022 10:52 AM /


Wheel of Time

The Wheel of Time is a big deal. It was (before A Song of Ice and Fire) the biggest Epic Fantasy series released since Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, and rejuvenated a genre that had devolved into endless copycats of LoTR. Personally, it's my favorite series ever, which is why the 1999 Wheel of Time game has always fascinated me. With a huge and expansive world like WoT, there's lots of room for titles set in different time periods, places, and genres. An AAA RPG has the potential to be incredible, but a First Person Shooter? It was crazy, but it worked despite an FPS being near the bottom of what a WoT fan would expect from a game set in Robert Jordan's world. The game has also been a huge pain to get working on modern platforms, which is why the GOG re-release is such a welcome surprise.

Originally developed by Legend Entertainment and later published on GOG by Nightdive Studios, Legend Entertainment's strange little FPS title (and one of the first developed for the original Unreal Engine) didn't sell very well but developed a small but dedicated fanbase. There's nothing quite like The Wheel of Time-before or since-and the game has held up amazingly well over the past two decades. The gameplay (and multiplayer) is familiar and yet very different, and if you're a WoT fan, it's fun to play through Robert Jordan's world.


If you're interested, it's available for 10% off on GOG right now. If you're even remotely interested or a fan of WoT, it's definitely a worthwhile trip, if only to see how they made a license of what's so obviously meant to be a RPG into an FPS.

Interested? Check out the old-school intro trailer below:

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