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Published: June 13, 2020 3:08 PM /


Colt Canyon

During the Guerilla Collective today, publisher Headup Games announced the release date for the highly anticipated western roguelite shooter Colt Canyon. While preorders are open now (head to your choice of the Steam, Nintendo, or Microsoft saloon to buy), the game isn't released quite yet. For that, you'll need to wait for the final showdown taking place on June 16th.

If you've been out riding on your own and missed hearing about Colt Canyon, let me fill ya in laddie. Colt Canyon is a pixel-art shooter where you play as a cowboy (or some other wanderer who've you unlocked the information for) in search of your partner, whom a group of no-good bandits has abducted. Prepare to show them the wrath of god for their actions by using guns, explosives, and whatever else you find to take them down and reappropriate their treasures and deal with their traps as you try to find your partner. Maybe if you're good, you can save more then just your partner.

Then comes the challenging part - you've gotta get back out again stranger. And now they know you're coming so things will be tougher that way. If you brought a friend along, they might be able to tell your partner what to do - that local co-operation thing y'know. If not, they'll do their best as you break your way out past the bandits.

The Colt Canyon run is a difficult one, and when you die there lad, you stay dead. There are no second chances for you, but someone else might come along and make use of what you learned to make a better attack on those bandits. They do deserve it with all the evil they've done.

Ye can head into Colt Canyon on June 16, but can buy your tickets now over at the Steam, Nintendo or Microsoft spots. That Steam spot will even give you a demo to try it out free right now.

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