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Tokyo Mirage Sessions


Nintendo have just hit us with three new Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE trailers, Meet Tsubasa, Meet Touma Akagi and Meet Itsuki. With the new footage has come the discovery of more censorship being made to the Western versions of the game. As a reminder, you can read about the already found changes in our Censorship Roundup article.

The Meet Itsuki trailer has shown us the character Tsubasa in her wedding dress outfit for the first time. As you can see above, the costume has had severe revisions for localized versions.  This is the costume that Tsubasa wears during her performance of the song Fly ~Your Wind~. The song is of course extremely significant within the game, with Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE being heavily based around Japanese “idol” culture.

Another of Tsubasa’s songs was previously found to have her outfit censored. You can compare the changes made to the song Feel in the video above.

Uncensored Tokyo Mirage Sessions
Some costumes leave Tsubasa’s (and other characters') cleavage uncensored.

It’s hard to work out how Nintendo are making the decision of what to censor or not, however. The new Meet Tsubasa trailer, for example, shows her in some very low cut outfits.

Furthermore, as shown in Gamexplain’s unboxing video of the Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE special edition, the art book has also been censored to match the changes found in-game.

Nintendo has made the decision to increase characters' ages overseas so that they are no longer under 18. Also, whilst the game is not being dubbed in English and instead only has subtitles, Nintendo has re-recorded lines so that the changes to things like ages match up with the localized versions, despite the voice work being in Japanese and presumably not understandable to most players.  

You will be able to pick Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE up in both the US and Europe June 24th.

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