WB Responds to Batman: Arkham Knight Re-Launch Issues

Published: October 30, 2015 7:25 PM /


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An announcement has been made on Batman: Arkham Knight's Steam page that addresses some of the issues the game has been facing lately.

Batman: Arkham Knight was previously removed from Steam and other stores due to a series of problems it had at launch on PC. It was recently re-released for the PC, and many customers were still not happy with the state of the game with it passing over 10k negative reviews.

Among the more major issues addressed was a problem with DLC availability. Some people who purchased the Premium Edition were not receiving the DLC content they were entitled to and everyone with a Season Pass should now have access to their DLC. However, Warner Brothers added that DLC achievements are still not working for all players and they are investigating the issue right now. On the bright side, they have fixed an issue where language support for DLC was not working correctly for all users.

The developers have also explained the high RAM recommendation on Windows 10 was because Windows 10 "simply behaves very differently from Windows 7 and Windows 8" in terms of memory management and memory usage. As for the Windows 7 memory leak, they have made no comment other than in that area they say that on all versions of Windows you should leave the Windows Page File on. That might also be due to some possibly confusing messaging on the Windows 10 ram because on that they said previously that having the 12 GB of Ram would let it operate without paging. However, they now appear to be saying you should leave it on and the computer may handle it on its own and do not disable paging on Windows 10.

Windows 8.1 laptops have also been having some problems with flickering on fullscreen due to the nature of the graphics system and laptop architecture. A workaround is provided and the developers are working with Microsoft to find a solution for the issue. In essence, the work around involves setting it to launch in Borderless Fullscreen Mode as the default, although it is odd that this is not achievable through the settings menu, instead requiring you to edit an xml file.

A Crash On Launch issue and performance degradation issue since the September Patch has been chalked up to configuration files that were marked Read Only or modified by third party tools. Users suffering from these issues are advised to avoid using third party tools as they may conflict with patches. The current workaround is to delete a specific config folder within the Batman: Arkham Knight directory and re-download the proper files by verifying the game through Steam, assuming that is what causing the issues for you. If not, you are sent to their support area which includes that and some basic troubleshooting tips such as updating drivers and Direct X before using the Ask For Help area on the site. 

The developers have promised to better detail what changes have been made so far to the PC version in specific, likely focusing on performance issues. In addition, they plan on releasing details early next week about some bug fixes that were brought over from the console version which generally performed much better, and these fixes are likely more along gameplay bugs and errors instead of performance fixing issues.

The comments section still shows a number of users stating degraded performance or failure to launch, so it appears this story may continue to drag on.

Are you satisfied with the explanation and changes that have been made to Batman: Arkham Knight? Do you feel that the game still has serious problems that need to be fixed beyond the scope of what is talked about in this announcement? Let us know in the comments below!

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