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It's only a short while until players get to explore the digital version of San Francisco in Watch Dogs 2 and the PR campaign is entering its last phase before the retail release on November 15. Ubisoft today announced the contents players will be getting if they buy into the game's season pass. This news comes from a new Ubisoft blog post which also includes a swanky new trailer:

The season pass has 5 packs on the list, most of which add more story missions to the game for players to complete.

The first pack on the list is the 'T-Bone Content Bundle' and adds several themed items to the game for players to use, abuse and wear. This pack, which is themed after the character T-Bone which players might know from the original Watch Dogs and the Bad Blood DLC. This pack adds the character's truck and his outfit. This pack also adds a new difficulty level, titled 'Mayhem', for co-op missions to the game. This pack is exclusive to PlayStation 4 players (c'mon, Ubisoft) and is scheduled to release on December 13, just under a month after the vanilla game's release.

The second pack is 'Human Conditions' and adds 3 new world stories to the game world in addition to "elite" co-op missions that'll unlock once you've finished the singleplayer missions in this pack. These co-op missions feature the Jammer, an enemy type that is hot on Marcus' trail. This content pack is scheduled for Spring 2017 and each story will go about an hour.

The third pack is called 'No Compromise' and has you take on the Russian Maffia in a new world story that "exposes an even more dangerous side of San Francisco". This pack also adds a new co-op mode titled 'Showdown' to the game. The release date is somewhere this winter.

The fourth pack is the 'Root Access Bundle' and features a new mission centered around a character claiming to be the Zodiac Killer, an as of yet still unknown serial killer who was active in the 60's and 70's. This bundle also adds new clothing items to the game in addition to new cars, a skin for your drone and a new weapon. The release date given is, again, this winter.

The last pack is themed after San Francisco's hippy during the 60's adds a new "groovy" weapon, outfit, drone and a new car. This pack becomes available at launch.

The season pass is available as part of the Gold Edition of the game ($99.99) or separately ($39.99). Watch Dogs 2 is releasing November 15th on PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and November 29th on PC.

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