Watch Dogs 2 Human Conditions DLC Drops February 23

Published: February 17, 2017 1:28 PM /


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Ubisoft have officially revealed the release date for the first big expansion coming to Cyberpunk hacker game Watch Dogs 2. This DLC adds 3 new operations to the game in addition to more co-op missions and a visit from a familiar face from the original Watch Dogs.

These new missions exist outside of the game's main storyline but deal with the same themes of technological advancement and security in a world where privacy is slowly becoming less relevant as government agencies desperately try to keep an eye on the unsuspecting populace.

The first new mission is Bad Medicine which sees Marcus Holloway seek out a band of Russian mobsters that have hacked hospitals in the Bay Area with ransomware, locking patients out of their social security and health insurance, making it impossible for patients to renew their medical prescription and medical treatment. This mission will reintroduce the ruthless Jordi Chin, one of the side characters from the original Watch Dogs.

The second operation is called Automata and revolves around Nudle's (the game's stand-in for real world tech giant Google) reveal of their new autonomous car. Since nothing in the game is safe from electronic tampering, Marcus and Wrench decide to take this new vehicle for a spin, encountering a sinister plot along the way. This operations seems to serve as a cautionary tale making us aware of the potential danger of autonomous vehicles if the tech is in the wrong hands.

There is a third operation in this DLC, but Ubisoft is remaining tight-lipped on what that operation entails.

The Human Conditions DLC also adds in a few new co-op missions and new "hack-proof" enemies that need a more analog approach to defeat. The Human Conditions  DLC for Watch Dogs 2 will release on PlayStation 4 on February 23, with the Xbox One and PC gaining access on March 23rd, a full month later.

Quick Take

The DLC is looking pretty good and seems to add more of the stuff I personally enjoy to the game. What I don't enjoy, however, is the timed exclusive for the PlayStation 4. Partly because timed exclusives benefit no one but the developer, partly because I don't want to read spoilers for the DLC in the month I have to wait before I can tinker with it. 


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