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Published: January 11, 2016 7:34 PM /


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Some of the best experiences in gaming comes from the community and what they can do with the tools that they are given. And luckily, inXile has realized this, and have started to add mod support to Wasteland 2: Director's Cut. John Alvarado, the technical Director at inXile, introduces some of the first available mod features that can be implemented by the user base on the Wasteland website. While the game did have modding being done with things like the Ranger Editor, this feature set comes from the company itself, adding support for those interested in making some tweaks to the game. 

The modding features are rather basic to begin with, but it does have the ability to modify in game stat values of existing game objects, including the NPCs names, stats, skills, and inventory. You can modify the armor/weapons by adjusting their appropriate stats while also being able to adjust the spawners in specific levels. Additionally, all the in-game dialogue is able to be modified, and new languages are able to be added for those wanting to translate. Some of the recent changes made had to do with making this a bit easier for the modding community, by moving around some files and refactoring (rearranging) the code to remove it from the less-flexible data bundles. 

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What's also nice here is that a new format was created to help with the adding of items to the game called the Modding Support Object Notion, or MSON. And for those programmers out there, yes, it's based off of JSON, but the creator found that he needed to add some additional features to the notion, hence the MSON format.  At this link, you can get a very detailed list of the syntax and how to modify the files in question. 

Mr Alvarado has said that he will be making more instructions based on community feedback and questions on the modding forum, and seems to imply that more modding support features will be added if the interest is there from the community. Given that the community have created some mods in the past without this support, the addition of easier to use tools, documentation, and support is likely welcome and could potentially open up new possibilities.

Does this renew your interest in Wasteland 2: Director's Cut, or even make you want to get the game? Do you find the tutorial information posted to be useful? Leave your comments below!

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