Wartales Update To Add A Whole New City Next Month

Published: August 29, 2022 11:06 AM /


The bustling city of Gosenberg, viewed from a high angle, in the upcoming Wartales update due in late September

Good news if you're a fan of tactical RPGs: there's a new free Wartales expansion coming. The expansion will add the city of Gosenberg, which is a wine-making town influenced by medieval France, and it's coming to the game next month.

What do we know about this free Wartales expansion?

Wartales has received a ton of new content within the last few months, including a whole new region and a glut of highly-requested community features like better economic balance and partial ally control. The next major update for the game has now been announced (thanks, PCGamesN) and is bringing a brand new city for you and your party to explore next month.


The city in question is Gosenberg, a wine-making town inspired by medieval-era France. When you arrive in Gosenberg, you'll find that one of its seven aristocratic leaders has been killed. You'll need to investigate their death, and you'll have a surprising amount of freedom in doing so; you can accuse townsfolk of lying and even put them on trial if you feel it's necessary. You will be punished if you're wrong, though.

The party engaging in combat in the back streets of Gosenberg in the upcoming Wartales update
The new Wartales update will provide plenty of opportunities for you and your party to get into some scrapes.

As well as the new storyline, you'll also find plenty of new items and gear in Gosenberg, so be sure to explore thoroughly. According to PCGamesN's Gamescom preview of the game, there's a grand merchant ship in Gosenberg, too, although developer Shiro says sailing hasn't been added to Wartales yet. Looks like you'll need to wait a little longer to roam the high seas.

This new Wartales update is also bringing some extra minigames to check out, so if you're a fan of rough sports like rugby, then you're in for a treat. We don't have a release date for the Wartales Gosenberg update yet, but we know it's arriving sometime in late September, so be sure to keep an eye out for more info around then. Until the new update lands, you can grab Wartales on Steam right now, where it's currently in Early Access. It'll cost you $29.99 or your local equivalent.



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