Wartales Update Adds Highly Requested Community Features

Test out your sneaky skills as a Theif in Wartales latest update, which includes an overhaul to the Suspicion System along with other highly requested features.

Published: July 21, 2022 4:15 PM /


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The developers at Shiro Games have announced an update that has made the player's feedback and requests the focal point. A few other key features have been updated, including the Suspicion System, fleeing merchants, partially controlled allies, and better economic balances.

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With the latest update comes some new features, as well as improved ones. The devs decided to take the player's requests to heart and make changes based on their feedback. One of the significant changes that were made was to the suspicion system, which has been divided into five wanted levels of 100 points per level.

Players will become wanted after surpassing the first level of suspicion, and then from there on to level five, the enemies that chase you become more and more difficult to manage. The devs also took a look at the rewards and downsides to high levels of suspicion, noting that those who are ready to really take on the life of a thief better saddle up their horses and be ready to run for the hills. 

Another system update that was mentioned by the developers is the fleeing merchant's update. When players decide to attack a local merchant tending to their caravan, the merchants and their ponies will now attempt to run away in fear. Don't get too excited, as they have vicious mercenaries that will defend them and try to take you out while the merchants make their escape. Players must defeat the mercenaries or attempt to catch up to the merchants before they take off with that precious loot. 

Players mentioned that their allies seemed to have taken on a life of their own, and not in a good way, as they would sometimes sprint head first into oncoming danger. The developers have now created a partially-controlled ally system, where players are able to choose their ally's stances in order to avoid them walking straight into imminent death. The stances to choose from are attack, defense, or flee. 

The economy seems to have received a hefty boost as well, including a wage increase for Captains and Lieutenants, the ability to make more profits by selling goods far far away from where they were originally purchased, and the ability to find golden caravans that house all the items that are sellable by a caravan. On top of these economic changes comes a new ruin at Tiltrën for players to enjoy, updates to the player's skills, item updates, and updates to traits. 

Wartales is available for $34.99 on Steam, and the full list of updates can be found here.

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