The Walking Dead Final Season Exclusive to Epic Games Store on PC

Published: December 20, 2018 4:17 PM /


the walking dead the final season epic games store

The Walking Dead Final Season being exclusive to the Epic Games Store was unveiled. You read that right! The Epic Games Store will be the only place where you can purchase the closing chapters of the latest The Walking Dead game on PC—unless you previously purchased it elsewhere. News of the release date for Episode 3 the Kinda Funny Games Showcase not too long ago, putting it at January 15.

A press release from Skybound Games and Still Not Bitten has announced The Walking Dead Final Season exclusively will be released on the Epic Game Store on PC going forward, meaning it's the place where new customers can play this stunning conclusion to Telltale Games' saga set in the universe of The Walking Dead. A video featuring Clementine's voice actor, Melissa Hutchison, answers some common questions players might have (which we'll detail below).


To start, customers who already own the game on Steam are still going to get their copies of the game despite the news of The Walking Dead Final Season exclusive status on the Epic Games Store. You won't have to do anything special; the episodes should arrive on your account on the same day as they do on the Epic Games Store. Previous games from the series will remain untouched, as always; there's no need to worry about them being deleted or anything like that.

If you have a Telltale Cloud Save account, your data should be able to carry over from other platforms just as they would in any other situation. Players sure do love their choices and Skybound Games wants to make sure that data is preserved in this transition. Additionally, they plan to have the choice data from Episode 2 of The Final Season ready by the launch of Episode 3 at the latest on January 15, 2019.

Past seasons of The Walking Dead may not be listed as available in your region on various platforms. If that happens, contact the customer care representatives for the platform in question and let them know. Skybound Games is putting in a serious effort to ensure that The Walking Dead is available in all the regions that it should be. Around 40 former Telltale employees have joined the effort to get this game across the finish line as part of the team Still Not Bitten.

Speaking of platforms, iOS and Android releases are currently up in the air. Other Telltale Games properties are also off the table, at least for the moment. Skybound Games currently isn't involved with The Wolf Among Us or any of Telltale's other titles. Plans for a retail release of The Walking Dead Final Season will be discussed in the future, though given Skybound Games helped Slime Rancher and The Long Dark get retail releases one imagines it is probable.


The Walking Dead Epic Games Store launch will also include past titles from the franchise, although they aren't yet available on the platform. Past seasons will not be exclusive to the Epic Games Store a spokesperson for Skybound Games confirmed to us. Hopefully, we'll be seeing them available for sale in the coming weeks.

What do you think of The Walking Dead Epic Games Store exclusivity? Are you upset that you can't buy it on Steam? Let us know in the comments below!





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