Volcanic Games Announces Top-Down Action Strategy Game Frontline Zed

Published: July 9, 2019 10:00 AM /


frontline zed

Solo dev Richard East, going by Volcanic Games, has announced his latest project. Frontline Zed is a top-down action strategy game coming to PC this summer.

East says Frontline Zed will challenge players to defend themselves against a zombie onslaught. The game will be split into two sections. During the night, you'll fight off zombies as they attempt to encroach on your settlement. In the daytime, you'll repair your defenses, search for weapons, and recruit new followers and survivors to your cause. To succeed, you'll have to use your time optimally. You can check out the trailer for Frontline Zed below:


Frontline Zed is heavily inspired by Flash games like The Last Stand. East is promising two hours of story-driven gameplay in his game. It'll feature unlimited zombie ragdolls and up to 100 zombie corpses on screen at once. There are 14 unique weapons to collect across 12 different American environments. Frontline Zed will also boast full controller functionality and support for English, German, Russian, and Chinese.

Richard East says that as you play Frontline Zed, you'll unlock more information about the game's world and its narrative. At certain points throughout the game, you'll have to make important decisions regarding potential followers. You will need to decide whether to help survivors, potentially at your own risk, or push on and try to survive at all costs. East describes his game as a "thinking man's top-down shooter" which emphasizes action instead of twitch reflexes.

If you're interested in Frontline Zed, you can wishlist the game right now on Steam. It'll launch sometime this summer and will cost you $9.99 at launch. After the discounted period, the game will go up to $11.99, so grab it before the launch period is over if you're keen. We don't yet know exactly when it's coming, so watch this space for more info.

Does Frontline Zed look like your jam? Did you play The Last Stand? Let us know in the comments below!

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