Vive Pro 2 and Vive Focus 3 Announced at Vivecon 2021

Published: May 11, 2021 12:00 PM /


Vive Pro 2

At HTC's Vivecon 2021 event HTC has announced two new headsets today, with the Vive Pro 2 consumer-focused and the Vive Focus 3 more geared towards business. The Vive Pro 2 is available to pre-order today, with a sale date for the 4th of June. Focus 3 has a sale date of June 24th. The full-kit Pro 2 will be available for £1299 / $1399 / €1399 and includes the Base Station 2.0 and Vive Controllers. If you're upgrading and only want the headset it'll run you £659 / $749 / €739 during the pre-order period, which starts from 6 pm BST tonight.

The Vive Focus 3.
The Vive Focus 3.

“At VIVECON we redefined premium VR for both businesses and consumers, with stunning 5K resolution and 120 degree field of view setting a new benchmark for PC VR and All-in-One headsets. VIVE Pro 2 delivers an amazing immersive experience, with beautifully fluid visuals, comfort, and precise tracking, for when every pixel and polygon counts,” said Graham Wheeler, HTC VIVE EMEA General Manager.

“VIVE Focus 3 heralds a new era of business VR - crafted for stunning visuals while also being durable and lightweight, with superior comfort and ease of use. Our new VIVE Business solutions make it easier than ever for an organisation to use VR, so whether it's a small start-up or a multinational, everyone can benefit from the transformative potential of VR.”

Vive Pro 2
The Vive Pro 2.

All Vive SteamVR accessories will work with the Vive Pro 2, so that means any Vive Trackers, the new Vive Facial Tracker, and more. You'll also be able to use the Base Station 1.0 or 2.0, along with the Vive Wireless Adapter, Vive Controllers, or even Valve's Index 'knuckle' controllers. It seems like HTC is trying to make any potential upgrade as painless as possible, which is definitely appreciated.


For the Pro 2, HTC has worked with Nvidia and AMD to utilize Display Stream Compression, which is to ensure "maximum visual quality" and is also backward compatible with DisplayPort 1.2, so graphics cards that supported the original Pro will also support the Pro 2. As for the Vive Focus 3, it's 20% lighter and 500% stronger, with a swappable curved battery pack that can apparently be changed in seconds. It can also quickly charge to a half-full battery in 30 minutes, with the LED indicator telling you how much power is left.

For more information on the Vive Pro 2 and the Viv Focus 3, stay tuned to TechRaptor for more details.

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