Visual Novel 'Noraneko' Heavily Censored on PS4, Not Switch, PC or Vita

Published: October 27, 2018 10:59 AM /


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Mature visual novel Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart HD Version has apparently been censored on PS4, with the Switch and PC versions left mostly intact. This news was first reported by Twitter user uitachibana (NSFW link) and then expanded upon by GematsuNoraneko on PC was previously an 18+ visual novel, but it appears that developer Harukaze attempted to tone down the sexuality in order to comply with Sony's new regulations. Clearly, this was insufficient, as you can see from the examples posted below.

In the second example posted above, uitachibana says that the uncensored images are taken from the PS Vita version, with the censored versions coming from the PS4 version. What's curious is that Noraneko was given a D rating in both cases from CERO, Japan's rating board. Japan is not averse to using conveniently-timed beams of light to stand in for otherwise obnoxious mosaic censors. Of course, these censors typically appear in TV broadcasts of anime, both as a way to avoid attracting the attention of regulators and drive sales of physical media. Such censors appearing in games are far less common. More often, content is replaced or simply cut, but in a visual novel, removing numerous CGs would detract from the game as a whole.

Nora to Oujo to Noraneko is a fairly standard ecchi/harem visual novel, save for one small exception: the protagonist is transformed into a cat familiar by the Princess of the Underworld. Handa Nora is an otherwise unremarkable high school student who spends his days enjoying school with his childhood friend and fellow classmates. One day, he stumbles upon a sickly girl on his way to school and takes her home to recover. The girl proclaims herself as "Patricia of the End," and says she was sent to Earth to bring about the apocalypse. Instead, she took ill and now lives with Nora in order to learn about the human world. Noraneko also received an anime short adaptation in the summer of 2017 to mixed reviews.

In what sounds like an all-too-familiar story, Noraneko's censorship is just the latest example of Sony's changing attitude toward adult/questionable content. Beginning earlier this year with Sony's refusal to allow Omega Labyrinth Z onto its platforms for sale, Sony has also censored Senran Kagura, a series that prides itself on including all sorts of "interactive minigames" with its cast of girls. Sony's sudden change of policy also caused a Marvelous Community Affiliate and indie game developer to start a petition asking Sony to preserve Japanese games as they were developed.

Considering the aggressive censoring on display in Noraneko, Sony is showing no sign of easing off of questionable games any time soon. If anything, this latest discovery is only more puzzling, especially when comparing CGs between the various versions of Noraneko. Without any official public comment from Sony, Japanese game fans are only left wondering what will be censored next. We'll keep you updated with any new developments on the censorship front.

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