Viktor's Experimental Update Is Coming To Slime Rancher, And It's Full Of Bugs

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Viktor's Experimental Update Is Coming To Slime Rancher, And It's Full Of Bugs

May 31, 2019

By: Joseph Allen


Slime Rancher is getting a free content update. Viktor's Experimental Update is full of bugs - glitch slimes, to be exact - and it's up to you to stop them spreading.

In Viktor's Experimental Update, players will assist scientist Viktor Humphries as he tests a simulated version of Slime Rancher's Far, Far Range. Viktor's "Slimeulations" (yes, really) have been found to contain multiple glitch slimes. These slimes will spread and multiply if players don't stop them. It's up to you to help Viktor capture, quarantine, and research the glitch slimes before they spread and consume everything. You can check out a trailer for Viktor's Experimental Update below:

Viktor's Experimental Update will add a number of new gameplay features to Slime Rancher. Players will be able to experiment with Advanced Drones, which will help with daily chores. Monomi Park is also promising a "questionably useful Chicken Cloner" and a whole range of other wacky gadgets for players to try out. The gadgets were designed by Viktor Humphries himself, so hey - what could go wrong?


This free update will land alongside the upcoming Secret Style Pack DLC for Slime Rancher. Unlike Viktor's Experimental Update, you'll need to pay for the Secret Styles Pack. It'll allow players to mix and match slime styles to create unique and exciting visual combinations. PC players will be able to download both Viktor's Experimental Update and the Secret Style Pack on June 18th. Console versions will follow "shortly thereafter", according to Monomi Park. We don't yet have a concrete date for when PS4 and Xbox One players can enjoy the new stuff. We'll let you know more about this as soon as we get it.

You can grab Slime Rancher on PC via Steam, the Epic Games Store,, and the Humble Store.

Will you be checking out Viktor's Experimental Update for Slime Rancher? Will you pick up the Secret Styles Pack DLC? Let us know in the comments below!

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