YouTuber Dunkey Launches Indie Publisher Bigmode

Published: September 22, 2022 9:42 AM /


The logo for Dunkey's new publishing outfit Bigmode

In video game news that you probably didn't expect to hear today, popular YouTuber Videogamedunkey-better known as Dunkey-has announced that he's going to be entering the industry by launching Bigmode, an indie publishing company. While he isn't the first YouTuber to join the gaming industry, he's definitely one of the biggest. Let's talk about Dunkey's new publishing outfit, shall we?

What exactly is Bigmode?

In Dunkey's announcement video, he stated that ever since 2015 at Pax he's wanted to "better video games" by making better videos. That resolution eventually led him on the path to launching Bigmode, an indie publishing company. The official website states that the company will be "publishing with purpose and passion" while supporting games made with "substance, quality, creativity and fun in mind", which sounds nice at least. We all like quality games, so this should be fine, right?

Dunkey seems to think so, as he said outright in his video that because he's played so many video games, he "understands what kind of ideas always work", which doesn't fill me with confidence. I can believe wholeheartedly he knows more about video games than most people, but if I were to watch Better Call Saul and other similar shows, would that in turn make me an excellent lawyer? Obviously not. Doing is not the same as performing, and while his eye for finding good games might indeed be finely honed, that's just one part of the greater picture when it comes to running a company.

Bigmode screenshot showing Dunkey's website asking people to send in their portfolios.
Dunkey is interested in your indie games.

Regardless, a new face on the gaming scene isn't necessarily a bad thing, and for all we know he might indeed know exactly how to run an indie publisher. The only way you know for sure is by giving it the good old college try. Whatever you may think of Dunkey, he's not just giving it the good old college try, he's actually built his own college and is now competing with other colleges. It's a bold strategy, Cotton. Let's see if it pays off for him.

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