Verdun Gets Special Christmas Truce Event

Published: December 24, 2015 3:47 PM /



World War 1 shooter Verdun is getting a special event to celebrate Christmas this year. Special holiday events are far from unusual for games (take Warcraft's Winter Veil festival and Grand Theft Auto V's yearly event where the map gets covered in a thick layer of snow), but this event is an especially special one because it aims to recreate a very interesting part of the first World War: the Christmas Truce of 1914

This truce took place during the battle for the Western front in north-Western Europe, and saw soldiers on both sides of the conflict lay down their arms in an unofficial ceasefire. The opposing armies came together for a day of leisure, with friendly football matches and carolling making for a bizarrely upbeat change in what was an otherwise brutal campaign.

The event started 2 days ago, on the 22nd of December, and will be going on until January 4. During the truce players will have access to a new winter-themed map modelled after the Battle of Lorraine battlefield where players can hold snowball fights and send their friends and enemies Christmas cards from the trenches. Players sending a card will automatically be participating in a daily giveaway, with 3 randomly picked players getting a prize. 

As long as the event is ongoing, Verdun will go on sale for a 40% discount on Steam, the Humble Bundle store, GMG, GamersGate, and Games Rocket.

Verdun is an online squad-based first-person shooter set in a realistic depiction of World War 1's trench warfare that aims to recreate some of the events of the 1st World War. 

Quick Take

This is pretty damn great. World War 1 usually gets overlooked in entertainment due to the massive and the comparatively recent 2nd World War. It's great that they want to focus on an event during one of the bloodiest and most brutal events in human history, making sure that something like the Christmas Truce will not be forgotten. Commendable.

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