Vehicles May Be Coming To No Man's Sky

Published: November 28, 2016 7:00 PM /



Anyone who has played No Man's Sky can tell you how unbearable traversing a planet by foot is. It's slow, the jetpack adds no real momentum and if you ever find yourself too far away from your ship you're going to be in for quite the trek back. However, following No Man's Sky's Foundation Update, recent data miners have discovered that vehicles may be coming to No Man's Sky.

Reddit user eegandj made a post in /r/NoMansSkyTheGame showing a folder titled 'BUGGY' as well as a tire texture, along with code to go along with the texture. Eegandji actually managed to find the model for the buggy itself, and import it into the game, along with a diagram of what the finalized buggy would look like. It's hard to get a real sense based off of the model because it looks incomplete, but we get a good enough idea.

What we're looking at is a standard All Terrain Vehicle, strictly ground-based so no flight or underwater capabilities. It actually kind of looks like the cars from the Borderlands series, which fits the setting for many of the planets in No Man's Sky.There is no word on when or if these vehicles will be added to the game officially, but it's good to see the developers are continuing to work on some of the issues in No Man's Sky.


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Quick Take

Personally, this feels like a small step forward. An ATV that can traverse planets more quickly is a great idea, but I've seen many planets that won't be able to accommodate that very easily either because they're too mountainous or they're mostly underwater. It's a step in the right direction, to say the least, and I hope it develops to the point where we can see underwater vehicles or vehicles for flying without having to go back to our main ship.
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