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Published: May 1, 2016 6:21 PM /


World of Warcraft Classic

Nostalrius Begins, a private World of Warcraft server that was recently thrust into the limelight due to Blizzard Entertainment shutting them down, has released a new statement on their official website. 

In this update, administrator Daemon reflects on the successful petition that was started shortly after the shutdown of the World of Warcraft server. This petition managed to accrue over 250.000 signatures over the course of the campaign and got them invited to the Blizzard HQ. 

We are very excited to be able to help Blizzard understand the part of their community asking for legacy servers and many other related topics, in the hope that they will eventually make it possible to legally play previous game expansions.

After the answer from Blizzard and the amazing support we received, we feel we are now not only the admins of a private server: We are also the ambassadors of a larger movement for the entire World of Warcraft community that wants to see game history restored. It is a major responsibility. Our top-priority and only focus now is to fulfill the needs of this community, by carrying your voice to Blizzard directly.

Daemon goes on to say that the source code used for the private server will not be released to the public. This is a departure from the team's plan to release it for general use, probably because doing so might endanger talks with Blizzard and because doing so would make it possible for other people to analyze the server's anti-cheat system and develop more advanced cheating tools for use on other servers. 

We believe the anticheat that we made was able to detect and was able to block all of the known threats, and releasing our code would allow the development of more powerful cheating tools that would be more difficult, if not impossible, to detect.

Another thing the post notes is that Blizzard Legacy servers if they ever come to fruition, would make the Nostalrius emulation obsolete. 

As a final parting gift, the team behind the prominent vanilla server is releasing their 'replay' feature, a feature that was used on their server to allow players to replay specific moments during the server's lifespan, to anyone who wants it. Coming with the release of the feature's source code is a package of replays that allow players to replay a few different events from their PvP and PvE servers. That's a pretty great way to preserve some of the server's best moments!

Daemon ended the post with a call to action of their community: 

We will need the help and feedback of the whole World of Warcraft community to carry all their voices, and make the meeting with Blizzard a success. More information will be available on an announcement next week. Please, stay tuned!

What do you think of the Nostalrius shutdown and petition? What do you think will happen after the talks with Blizzard? 

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