Vampire Survivors Update Adds Third Stage, Weapons and More

Published: March 2, 2022 11:47 AM /


Vampire Survivors

The latest Vampire Survivors update (patch 0.3.0) has just been released, and it comes with six new achievements to unlock new content, including a new stage and weapon. The new stage includes a few new gameplay mechanics, and a new type of item that will permanently unlock a new game feature. When stage 3 is unlocked, enemies and events are eligible to spawn in Green Acres. There's also tweaks, bugfixes, and news about future content and the dev team. There's a lot to unpack, so let's get to it, shall we?

What's in the latest Vampire Survivors update?

There's been a steady stream of Vampire Survivors updates, but this latest one might take the cake, as a new stage is a pretty big deal. How do you unlock it? Well, you have to reach Level 40 in the Inlaid Library, and then either quit your current game or complete your run. That doesn't sound too hard, but sometimes getting a good build takes a while, so for some it might be a bit until it's unlocked.

Once it's unlocked, though, you have access to the new stage and the new soundtrack. Let's listen to it:

Pretty nice, eh? Well, hopefully the new stage is as fun to play as this track is to listen to. We'll have to see, just like you'll be seeing the new tweaks in action, which should impact the game a bit.

For instance, Antonio has received a armor and hp bonus, and Gennaro and Suor Clerici have both received an hp bonus. Kroci has been given a move speed bonus, and the Mad Forest stage now has changed colliders. Hidden stage items now have a 100% chance to appear, which is great, and there are some minor optimizations made to the game as a whole. Bugfixes include two tentative fixes: one for the game freezing at startup using localization mods, and another for the game freezing on character selection after save data corruption/mod. 

As for future content, the part-time dev team have been "focused on making builds, QOL improvements, and porting the game to a standard game engine." This is great news, as is news that the game is now in a fully playable state on this new engine. As the two versions reach content parity, the old version will be slowly let out to pasture as the team focuses on fully developing the game engine.

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