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Published: May 30, 2019 7:30 PM /


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Vambrace: Cold Soul wears its inspirations on its sleeve. Elements from two difficult games - Darkest Dungeon and FTL: Faster Than Light - can be found in Vambrace. With its recent release, developer Devespresso Games turns down the difficulty to make your expeditions to the surface a little more manageable.

Devespresso's first update includes several different tweaks. This update decreases the rate in which players experience combat encounter. Additionally, as players move throughout the city of Icenaire, a meter continually rises, indicating the amount of Ghost Fog in an area. If it reaches a certain threshold, every area players move to becomes a combat encounter. The rate of Ghost Fog accumulation also decreases in this update.

A few other quality-of-life changes include a way to access the game tutorial at any time and having Evelia Lyric and her party move faster in towns and dungeons. This has no effect on combat, but exploration should now be quicker than before. Lastly, this update features a few adjustments to the English and Korean text of Vambrace. 

The developers also hinted at a few upcoming inclusions to look out for in the future. Vambrace will support steam cloud saving in the near future. "Basic camps" will also be in the next update. Here is a description of basic camps according to the update:

We are adding Basic Camps where you can access your inventory, use healing items, and change equipment at the end of each neighborhood. Campsites, where you can rest to regain vigor and health, will remain exclusive to the streets and must be discovered.
Vambrace: Cold Soul is a story-driven roguelite RPG. Players take the role of Evelia Lyric, who must create a band of fellow survivors and lead expeditions on the surface of the cursed city of Icenaire. Players can recruit new party members, upgrade Evelia Lyric, create loot, and complete side-quests in this Gothic fantasy world.

You can check out TechRaptor's review of Vambrace: Cold Soul here. We also highlighted the creation of Vambrace's art and gameplay recently.

Quick Thoughts

Vambrace was a very difficult game at launch. Judging by comments of reviewers and consumers alike, two major concerns were addressed in this update. Ghost Fog accumulated too quickly for many, and combat encounters comprised most of your events while exploring Icenaire. With this update, hopefully, everyone will have a better chance to explore and enjoy the world of Vambrace.

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