Valve Reveals Top 20 Steam Releases of October 2019

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Valve Reveals Top 20 Steam Releases of October 2019

November 26, 2019

By: Samuel Guglielmo


If you wondered what games sold well in October, wonder no longer. Valve has released the list of the top 20 selling new releases in October over their first two weeks, along with the top 5 new free to play games.

First things first, the top 20 list. The list is organized by release date, as Valve didn't reveal which spot each of the 20 was in.

Additionally, the top 5 free to play games:

Like usual, Valve provided a few interesting facts about the games. One big one is the massive success of Destiny 2, which Valve notes peaked at 300,000 consectuive players and has remained on the "most played" list since a few days after launch. In fact, they noted that 20% of people who played one of the other 19 games also played Destiny 2. Additionally, Valve noted there was quite a bit of crossover for a few specific games. They noted that a lot of players went for both We Were Here Together and Trine 4, that Indivisible and Atelier Ryza was another popular combination, and a third being Crossroad Inn and Autonauts.


In addition to this, Valve notes that 4 of the games are either leaving or being released in Early Access. Ten of the games are by developers putting games on Steam for the first time, and 13 different countries are represented on both of the lists combined.

How do you feel about this top 20? Surprised to see some games in it? Shocked a game wasn't in it? Let us know in the comments below!

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