Valve Promises Team Fortress 2 "Full-on Update-Sized Update"

Published: February 9, 2023 5:07 PM /


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Today Valve announced in a blog post on the official Team Fortress 2 website that an update is planned, and apparently, it's a big one. 

The developers define it as a "full-on update-sized update" as opposed to recent summer events that have been limited to item updates. This means that it'll include "items, maps, taunts, unusual effects, war paints and who knows what else."

It's coming this year, and while it doesn't have a name yet and won't have a theme, it'll be released around the summer. 

According to the post, Valve wants Steam Workshop creators to create content to be featured in the update. At the moment, it's unclear how much of the content for this "update" will be user-generated and how much, if any, will come from Valve's developers themselves.

The deadline for submission is May 1, and despite the Summer timing for the release, the content doesn't require to be summer-themed, since the update actually won't have a theme. 

If you're unfamiliar with Team Fortress 2, it was originally released in 2007 for PC as a sequel to the Team Fortress mod for Quake when Steam was still young. A port on PS3 and Xbox 360 has also been released in the same year, but the development of these versions has been long discontinued so don't expect this new update to come on consoles. 

The game has been free-to-play since 2011, but it sports an internal user-driven economy that allows the trade and sale of cosmetic items, which often end up fetching a pretty penny.  

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