Valve announces an integrated broadcasting service for Steam

Published: December 2, 2014 4:18 PM /


Steam Broadcasting

Did you ever find yourself stuck on a level and asked your friend for help via phone? Then you had to tell him what was happening while awkwarly following his instructions and more often than not something gets lost in the message. Well, that may come to an end in the next Steam update. The new broadcasting system will allow your friends to watch you play (and you can watch them as well). 

The service will be pretty easy to use. Just right click on a friend's name in the "Friends" tab and click "Watch Game". Depending of the settings your friend selected, you'll either jump into the broadcasting window to watch him play or you'll have to wait for him to accept your request.

Steam grants you the possibility to show off to more people than just your friends. If in the privacy settings of the broadcasting you select "anyone can watch my games", your playing session will be showed in the game's community hub. Just like a live streaming but without the overlays and other services of the streaming services like Twitch (at least by the information we have now).

This is a cool little addition to Steam that could potentially increase the partecipation of the players in the community. Another way Valve is showing us their will of pushing the community side of their client.

The Steam Broadcasting service is not live yet, but you can try it right now by opting in the Steam Client Beta. To do so you'll have to open the Steam client, click "Steam" in the top left corner, select Settings > Account and change your "Beta Participation" to "Steam Beta Update".

What do you think of this latest addition? Will it make your play sessions more entertaining?

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