Valorant Pays Homage to Classic Video Games With Radiant Entertainment System Skin & Trailer

Published: April 21, 2023 10:55 PM /


Valorant Radiant Entertainment

Today Riot Games released a new trailer showcasing the upcoming Radiant Entertainment Skin for Valorant, and it's certainly a special one. 

The trailer, all the way from the thumbnail, is a sequence of homages and easter eggs related to classic video games, from the hybrid between a Power Glove and a Dreamcast Controller, to references to the Konami code, Dance Dance Revolution, Street Fighter, Halo, Golden Eye, and much more. 


Of course, it also comes with Riot's trademark animation style, this time featuring new kid on the block Gekko being given an apparently boring assignment by ol' Brimstone only to find the agent's old console. That's when things start to be a lot more fun than expected. Looks like Brimstone is quite the retro gamer.

You can check out the trailer below, while the skin will arrive on April 25.

Valorant is currently available exclusively for PC. If you want to learn more about what's coming for the game, Riot Games recently released a developer diary video to kick off 2023 providing some interesting developer commentary.


Riot Games is also preparing to test Premier, Valorant's new competitive system. The test will start on April 25 as well, which is the same day as the launch of this skin. The beta for the system will continue until May 23 and the system is expected to officially launch in Late August. 


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