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Valorant Episode 6 Revelation Cinematic Suggests New Map is Coming

Published: January 5, 2023 1:17 PM



Riot Games has released the Valorant episode 6 cinematic, which gives players of the first-person tactical shooter a look at what's to come in just a few days. 

The "trailer" of sorts showcases all of the agents we know and love, such as Omen trimming a Bonsai tree or Sage taking on evil robots in a training exercise. All the while, two other agents, Astra and Harbor, have located a mysterious door that reveals a lost city, but when they opened it, a huge explosion hurls them into the water. After a quick recovery, though, we see that now all of the agents in-game are together within the walls of this ancient ruin, aiming their sites down at one another. 


What we have gathered from this cinematic is that it's a huge tease at a new map for players to battle head-to-head in. While that hasn't been confirmed by Riot, one can assume by the way they all end up in this location at the same time that this will be the next point of interest added to the game next week. We previously learned that Harbor had studied a place known as The City of Flowers, which he knew was real but just hadn't been able to locate as of yet. This might just be speculation, but with the recent leaks that trickled to the surface and the appearance of a mysterious and magical door in the cinematic, it appears the new map may just be that lost city Harbor has been searching for. 

Valorant episode 6, also known as Revelation, will release on January 10, 2023. 


The game is currently available exclusively for PC. 

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