Valkyrie Crusade: Shingetsu, Ali Baba and Others in Switch Box Summon!

Published: February 12, 2016 8:45 AM /



With every new event in Valkyrie Crusade, comes new Great Damage cards. Desert Dreams starts off featuring Switch Box Summon (everyone's favourite!) and several new cards. Switch Box Summon allocates 77 cards into a player's "box". The player can draw the cards one at a time (300) or 11 at a time (3000) and will eventually receive one of the special cards (that they choose before opening the box). Switch Box Summon will be available until 19 February, 11:59 JST.


UR Shingetsu

Shingetsu is a Light Ultimate Rare Super Buffer. After awakening, her skill, New Moon Blessing, raises all allies attack by 400% and defense by 200%. It has a 20% proc chance making her a standard paid super buffer. Shingetsu is available only in this event Switch Box Summon.

Ali_Baba Ali_Baba_H

UR Ali Baba

Ali Baba is a Dark Ultimate Rare AOE card. After awakening, Sneak Thief, her skill, deals 400% damage to all enemies and absorbs 20%. Its 25% proc chance makes Ali Baba a good addition for players who enjoy the Alliance Ultimate Battles as she suits either an attack or a defense squad nicely. Ali Baba is obtainable only through Switch Box Summon but will be rotated into the Switch Box UR line-up after the event.

Sinbad Sinbad_H

SR Sinbad

Sinbad is a Cool Super Rare Delayer. After awakening, Stubborn Sailor deals 100% cool damage to all enemies and renders them unable to move for two turns at a decent 20% proc chance. Sinbad is available through Switch Box, Premium, Ultimate, and Guaranteed SR Summons.

Monkey_Master Monkey_Master_1 Monkey_Master_3 Monkey_Master_2 Monkey_Master_H

R Monkey Master

Monkey Master is a Rare Passion AOE card. Her skill, Acrobat Monkeys deals 300% damage to all enemies. Monkey Master is available in Switch Box, Premium, and Ultimate Summons.

Shingetsu and Ali Baba will only be available for a limited time so make sure you grab them from Switch Box Summon if you want them! The other two will continue to be available throughout the event and be joined by later Great Damage cards as the event progresses. Happy hunting!


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