Valkyrie Crusade: New Cards Ariton and Sticker Freak Added To Premium Summon!

Published: January 6, 2016 3:10 PM /



With the New Years' Step-Up Summon behind us, Premium Summon Hyper is making another round in Valkyrie Crusade! To lead the last half of A Celestial Shrine Visit, a new Ultra Rare card, Ariton has been added to the Premium Summon line-up along with a new Super Rare card, Sticker Freak.


Ariton is the last of the Great Damage Ultra Rare cards for this event along with Black Lily and Demogorgon.

Unfortunately, her strategic uses are limited as she is a Cool Attribute Delayer, like Neos (but better). Her skill, Kiss and Tell, deals 400% Cool_icon damage to all enemies and renders them unable to move for 4 turns. It can proc twice per battle giving you a total of 8 turns to attack and buff unhindered. At level 1 it has a 10% chance to proc each turn, going up to 15% at level 10. After being awakened, Kiss and Tell gains only a buff to its proc chance, raising it to 20% at max level. 

On top of Kiss and Tell, for the duration of the event, Ariton will deal up to 15x extra damage to current archwitches and reward the player with up to 50% extra subjugation points for defeating an archwitch. While such things are not worth it to many players, the extra subjugation points can help push players up to higher ranks to receive rank rewards (no one ever said this game wasn't grossly pay-to-win at times).

This is not, however, to say that Ariton is completely useless. What Ariton's Kiss And Tell does offer is great AoE overkill potential, resulting in more points for the player!


Sticker Freak is the last Great Damage card to be made available for the A Celestial Shrine.

Like Ariton, Sticker Freak is a Delayer. Her skill, Sticker Roulette, renders enemies unable to move for 3 turns. It can proc twice per battle and starts of with a 10% proc chance. After awakening, Sticker Roulette will have a 20% proc chance at level 10.

Like Ariton, Sticker Freak will deal up to 15x extra damage to current archwitches and reward the player with up to 50% bonus subjugation points.

Premium Summon Hyper is going to be available until the end of A Celestial Shrine Visit (January 14, 2016. 11:5 JST). The line-up is littered with other great cards including Mochitsuki and Agrippa so make sure you take a look to see if anything you want is there!

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