Valkyrie Crusade: A Celestial Shrine Visit

Published: December 31, 2015 10:04 AM /



Nubee's card battle game, Valkyrie Crusade, has released the line-ups for its New Years event: A Celestial Shrine Visit. The event brings back another iteration of the card Amaterasu, as well as adding a number of brand new cards to the line-ups for summoning and a great new card for those who end the event with a high rank!

A Celestial Shrine Visit features a new map, Divine Light Shrine, which will only be available during the event. While traversing Divine Light Shrine the player will encounter the current Archwitch, Tama-No-Oya (SR), the current Fantasy Archwitch, Ishikore-Dome (UR), and the current Legendary Archwitch Sacred Amaterasu (UR). Sacred Amaterasu can also be amalgamated (fused to create a new card) with the New Year's Costume (N), a rank reward given to all of those rank 2000 and better, to get the card Mikoterasu (GUR), a card with two skills instead of just one.

As players progress through the map and defeat archwitches, they will be able to collect the 3 Sacred Treasures item which can be turned in for various rewards including copies of the Sacred Amaterasu card, which is worth 5000 3 Sacred Treasures. The exclusive SR card, Inazami, is also available through collecting 3 Sacred Treasures and is a necessary amalgamation piece for those who wish to have a perfectly amalgamated Ishikore-Dome. 

This event's Witch Gate features the popular past archwitch Jean (UR) and her two amalgamation components, Kathleen (SR) and Junior Director (SR). These witches will appear only in the Witch Gates which appear at random throughout the event map.

Two other popular cards will be making a comeback this event. Starting January 5th, two more areas will open up for those who have completed the event map and added Ishikore-Dome to their attack party. These areas will feature Summer Oracle (UR) and Huang Long (UR).

Demogorgon (UR), Black Lily (UR), Susa-No-O (SR), and Suzu-No-O (R) are the current Great Damage cards with Susa-No-O, Demogorgon, and Black Lily dealing 15x damage to Archwitches after awakening. (Suzu-No-O will deal only 7x damage and that is only after maxing out her Great Damage skill with Rare Medals.) These cards are currently available through the Switch Box Summon and Premium Summon options. (Demogorgon and Black Lily are only available through Switch Box Summon. Suzu-No-O is only available Premium Summon.)

The event's Elemental Hall will be open from 12:00 JST January 1st until January 14th 11:59 JST, and will likely have the same line-up as the current Witch Gate.

Lastly, Sarugami (UR) and Fujisan (UR) will be available as ranking rewards for this event. Sarugami will be given to those who end the event rank 2000 or better with two copies being given to those who end the event rank 300 or better. Fujisan will be given out as the mid-reward for those ranked 3000 and better with two copies being given to those ranked 1000 or better.

As of the ranking update on 27 December, the current rank 1 player in Valkyrie Crusade had 100,753,469 subjugation points.

Which reward card do you like better, Sarugami or Fujisan? Are you excited for Huang Long and Summer Oracle to come back? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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