Valkyrie Crusade adds Melodica and Baku Special Select Summon!

Published: January 8, 2016 1:33 AM /



Valkyrie Crusade has reintroduced Special Select Summon for the end of A Celestial Shrine Visit, with two more Great Damage cards. These cards will be added to the Premium Summon Special Select Summon summons 2 cards and allows the player to choose which card they want to keep. The chance of summoning Super Rare and Ultra Rare cards is being increased by 400% for this Summon option. Each summon costs 300 jewels and the promotional cards for this summon are Melodica and Baku.


Melodica is a Light Attribute Ultra rare that can be awakened. At level 1, her skill, Merry Melodica, buffs all Light Attribute allies' attack by 350% at a 15% chance. After awakening and maxing out her skill, Merry Melodica will buff Light Attribute allies' attack by 450% at a 20% chance. The skill can proc only once, but offers a very strong buff for those looking to overkill in the Elemental Hall.

Melodica also does up to 15x damage to current archwitches while awarding up to 50% bonus subjugation points for those kills. But her best use will be in the Elemental Hall or on another Light Attribute team, like a Mochitsuki team.


Baku is the other promotional card for Special Select Summon. She is an awakenable Super Rare and a healer. Her skill is called Sweet Dreams and will heal all allies for 30% of their maximum health (determined by health at the start of the battle) at level 1. After awakening and maxing the level of her skill, Sweet Dreams will heal all allies for 70% of their maximum health, at a 20% proc chance. The skill can be proc'd 4 times per battle but due to the risk involved in relying on a healer (if they die, it puts the player in a bad spot) in an Archwitch hunting team, Baku has limited use in hunting teams.

Special Select Summon will be open until 14 January, 11:59 (JST) so if you're in need of a healer or a Light attribute buffer for Valkrie Crusade, then give it a shot and try to grab Melodica or Baku!

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