Valheim Update Cuts Melee Stamina Costs And More

Published: October 4, 2021 9:03 AM /


Two Viking warriors wielding melee weapons in the new Valheim update

A new Valheim update has been released, and it's aiming to address some common player criticisms. The new update brings with it changes to the stamina system, tweaks to certain food stats, and better Fuling AI, plus lots more.

What's changed in the new Valheim update?

After the launch of last month's major Hearth and Home update, criticisms arose regarding the amount of stamina melee weapons took to use. Iron Gate has addressed this criticism in the latest Valheim patch; now, all melee weapons will require less stamina. There are a number of other combat tweaks in the update as well. The goblin-esque Fulings have learned some new battle tactics and will now spread out and encircle you more when fighting them. Knives have had their durability increased, and Iron Gate has reinstated the stagger effect when parrying ranged attacks.


A group of Vikings sitting around a feast in the new Valheim update
As well as some fairly big combat changes, the new Valheim update also brings tweaks to various food items.

It's not all about the battlefield in the latest Valheim update, though. After the Hearth and Home update added lots of new ingredients, the new update tweaks various food items to bring them more in line with the effort required to craft them. When you're making blood pudding, boar jerky, bread, deer stew, mincemeat sauce, or wolf jerky, you'll notice different stat bonuses, so be sure to experiment and see what's changed. The Acorn and Birch Seed item drop rates have increased, so it should be easier to find them now. Perhaps most amusingly, if you decide to destroy your oven or cooking station in a fit of pique, you'll now find food items in the wreckage. It's well worth reading the full Valheim patch notes to see what else is new, as there are a number of smaller additions that may be pivotal to your experience with the Viking survival sim.

What is Valheim and what did the Hearth and Home update add?

Valheim is a Viking survival and crafting sim set in a procedurally generated Norse-inspired world. The game tasks you with exploring the world around you, building a homestead, and doing brutal battle with wild creatures and monsters in order to bring peace to the realm of Valheim. It's proven pretty popular since its release in Early Access earlier this year. The new Hearth and Home update is the first major content patch for Valheim, bringing with it new items, changes to the cooking system, and more.

A Viking sitting atop his mighty throne in Valheim
The Valheim Hearth and Home update added, among other things, a mighty throne for your Viking to sit atop.

While a roadmap was originally revealed for Valheim some months ago, Iron Gate took it down in order to revise it, so we're still waiting to see what's on the agenda for this wildly successful Norse sandbox. In the meantime, you can grab Valheim right now on Steam. It'll set you back $19.99, which ain't bad considering the sheer scale of some of the things people have managed to do with it.


What would you like to see from the next Valheim update? Let us know in the comments below!

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