Valheim Map Generator Website Reveals Your Whole World

A Valheim Map Generator Website Tells You Everything You'd Want to Know About Your World

Published: March 1, 2021 3:25 PM /


Valheim Map Generator cover

Valheim map generator website has been created by an industrious Redditor and gives you the options to find biomes, bosses, the Merchant, at more at the push of a button — all you have to do is enter your map seed.

Exploration is a big part of the Viking-themed survival crafting game Valheim, but sometimes things don't always go your way. You might end up spending hours trying to find the Swamp or the Merchant and there wasn't much that you could do about it — until now.

Valheim Map Generator Comparison
wd40bomber7's map generator (left) and an actual in-game map (right). They line up pretty much perfectly. (The seed in question is "rLw6UK23Tj" for the curious.)

Valheim Map Generator Makes It Easy to Find What You Need

The Valheim map generator is the creation of /u/wd40bomber7 on Reddit. All you have to do is enter your map seed and it will reveal the entire world to you at the click of a button (albeit with a bit of waiting).

Showing you the terrain isn't all that it can do, though. This website also has the ability to reveal several key points of interest, including:

  • The world spawn
  • Boss spawn points
  • Camps
  • Trader locations
  • Tombs & Crypts (dungeons)
  • Pre-generated structures
  • Shipwrecks
  • Guck
  • Runestones
  • and "Miscellaneous" items

For context's sake, Valheim requires players to progress through multiple biomes in a certain sequence. Each biome has its own boss and each boss has multiple locations where it can be summoned — you can't truly progress in the game until you've found a boss and beaten it, either, so it's especially helpful to be able to find their locations so easily.

The Valheim map generator also reveals the Merchant, a mysterious dwarven character who sells you a number of useful items. He's not strictly necessary for beating all of the current content in the game, but some of the items he sells are certainly useful. Add to that the ability to find dungeons and pre-generated structures and you've got a pretty darn useful tool!

/u/wd40bomber7 explains that things aren't working 100% perfectly just yet — some things may be off here or there, and certain seeds might not display their maps correctly. He's working on the problem, but this tool will probably be useful for people who are frustrated with trying to find specific points of interest in the game.

You can check out the Valheim map generator for yourself at If you haven't yet jumped into the game itself, you can buy Valheim on Steam for $19.99 or your regional equivalent.

Would you want to use the Valheim map generator or do you prefer to discover the world's mysteries yourself? What have you had the hardest time finding in the game thus far? Let us know in the comments below!

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